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  • This video is posted in honor of the great MasterSpaghetty whose  channel met the same fate as our channel. We’re happy to have him on our team!

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    • ZzXx

      I feel sleepy.

    • angus1235

      lookit that piece of metal.

      “ITZ A KATANA”

    • SmirkingHalpert

      The family that katanas together, autisms together.

    • King Boaby

      Someone kill me now and end my Reign.
      Fuck my life

    • Donald Draper

      Man what a great, classic example of a nerd. Truly a a special breed of people that we’ll never get rid of.

      • 32131213213123

        they will die eventually. nerds are too ugly to repopulate.

    • Ollie

      I actually think the real cringe here is the little annoying fuckwit. Christ.