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  • U9rawkN

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    • Cypher

      I’m surprised that the poster had any friends at all to even like this post.

    • friendlyneighborhoodfaggot

      Watch out, ladies, they’ll be hacking your pussies tonight.

    • Mechaswagcity

      brb gonna hack club penguin

    • Sean Cecilio

      Not so anonymous when you fucking tag your douchebag friends.

    • Is she dead yet?

      I swear right after this picture someone started screaming because they thought they saw Michael Jackson’s Zombie…

    • Anonymous

      I find it ironic that I come here to laugh and marvel at the mistakes of like-whores and extra-chromozonians and stumble across this pile of cancerous shit. You do realize that Anonymous is protecting the rights of the American citizens? We are NOT some petty fucktards hacking whatever because we have too much time on our hands. This page is full of Autism.

      • niggerdildo

        I hope this was troll, u piece of cancerous shit.

    • Kyle Hudak

      Just me and my gang wearing masks

      • Jon

        Fuck off Kyle

        • Zondor

          Fuck on Kyle