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    • ;^}

      3:58 for a subtle, racist-themed comment.

    • LuckyH

      “Of the most beautiful sonic characters”

      Sorry, you’ve already lost me there. Under-aged animal mutants with conjoined eyeballs ain’t even average!

    • Elijah Wood

      This guy reminds me of this youtube troll named gulpin who made rants on logos

    • ZzXx

      Why do I always watch this until the end…

    • Grandma’s Furburger

      If this guy loves hair so much wait until he finds out about pubes

    • Wrought

      “numero ocho”
      oh wow you know how to say “number 8” in another language
      ….why is that my problem with this

    • Wrought

      “one of the greatest and most attractive characters ever thought of”
      I don’t think it’s the female characters he finds hot