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  • HythGSn

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    • Joseph Rouleau

      are you kidding me? I beat my waifu all the time

    • Dead.Juice

      ” I trained against my pillows so hard. I can hit a pillow now, and not even be hurt. GET ON MY LEVEL”

      If punching pillows is even the lowest definition of toughness, well, I used to fuck my pillows when I was real young.
      So, I must at least be like the prison jock of pillows. Like, when I see this guys pillows, I fake-lunge in their direction, and they shiver and recoil, and then I laugh and say, “Hey don’t be scared, I ain’t like that no more. HAHHA.”
      And then he has to spend his evening comforting his own traumatized pillows, because they ran into some fucked up freak who used to fuck pillows. And then he punches them after and blames everything on them.