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  • A group of high school students in Nebraska perform a cover of Memeshikute by Golden Bomber in front of teachers and parents.

    Thanks to user Face down asgard up.

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    • Skyrilla

      Oh… foof… I need to lay down for a moment sorry.

    • Marcus Schirmer

      This is really sad, nobody stood up to help by stopping this. 🙁

    • Sylvanity Vonn Monroe

      “Notice me Senpai”

    • Autist in Residence

      This is concentrated, raw autism on a grand scale.

      It’s rawtism.

    • Hunter Nance

      This is what happens when cringe finds other cringe to encourage them. It is a phenomenon known only as “beta synthesis”.

    • Lauren

      I was expecting it to be annoying. It wasn’t ,but still rather cringeworthy.