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  • CringeComic11

    Thank you to our artist, Noy!

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    • Dewy

      What’s with the doku doku sig.?

    • Skint out

      waiting for obligatory cookies and milk

    • Collun Farruhl

      Hes living more like a Monk than an emo kid, lol. Hes got nothing in his room but a table and a candle basically. Would of been funnier but also accurate if the light turned on and it reveals all his BOTDF posters and ETF and all those wah wah bands. And razors on the desk

    • The ALT-F4man

      nobody loves me… i’m so lonely on this world… my soul is in pain nothing matters, even the scum that humanity isMOM! GET THE FUCK OUTTA HERE AND TAKE AWAY THAT FUKIN COOKIES YOU LEFT ON MY DESK, WHORE! I’M IN PAIN BECAUSE HUMANITY IS A DISGRACEFUL SHIT WITH PEOPLE LIKE MY PHILOSOPHICAL SELF!!!1!!uno1!

      ehm…eh, where was iAH YES!: why nobody loves me?… i’m a nice guy!
      *tips dyed fringe*

    • C_27

      You guys did the watermark thing again. That one transparent one in the middle should be enough to prevent theft.

    • Cat Burger

      fixed it

      • Kurt

        Yeah, right? I’m all for having watermarks and whatever you need to protect your art, but this shit’s overkill. There’s more watermarks than there are panels in this comic.

      • we’ll tone it down next time. However our comics are often taken and the link and noy’s name are removed

        • The ALT-F4man

          oh man, you forgot the #1 internet rule:
          copyright? HA! what’s that? wich what i eat it?

          you know? some artist simply “hide” the mark on the comic context, i mean: they write it on the background, or an object, or the protagonist t-shirt, OR BETTER! make a symbol (like a C-Ch… cringe channel, with the font of the logo) SO the people might understand the comic belongs here… AND post the page link on a corner. it always works.

        • Anastasia Dunbar

          Something that deviant spammers would do.

        • CapitaineCaverne

          Wow, this was so lame and unfunny!

        • Anastasia Dunbar

          It was.

        • Joey Joe Joe Junior Shabadoo

          I think it adds to the comedic effect.

      • Waluigi

        Who did it again?

      • CringeBolaZaire

        Wait this is from

      • Uncle Louis

        You forgot a few diagonal watermarks there, buddy.

    • dingus

      Oh man reminds me of middle school.