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    • annakana32

      I think this is sarcastic.

    • Got ya beauty

      Don”t know what to say?

    • Hand of Death

      If it’s people complaining about transgender women pissing in their bathrooms that means that the people complaining are women. How typical of SJWs still taking it out on men.

    • WhereThereDude

      Shame on you guys for reading all that crap… i won’t even try it, i quit after the word “white” in the title.

    • wurst bratt

      I think this is supposed to be mocking the right-wings who oppose the law. It’s clearly poorly written satire. But the thing is, people aren’t talking about actual transgenders going into the bathroom, but the people pretending to be trans to go to the bathroom. Honestly, though, most trans people pass as the opposite gender already, so they just go into the bathroom they want.

    • custard ganet

      Huh seems reasonable.