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    • end the suffering of CC

      How dare people have identities that I don’t have? How dare people who don’t share my identities want to be treated with respect?
      This website is becoming such a shit hole. Just because a white cis straight 14-year-old on tumblr clearly making up shit to get attention (you know, the kiddies who don’t actually feel discomfort with their assigned-at-birth gender or whatever but just claim they’re magigender so they can stick it to the patriarchy or whatever) is cringe doesn’t mean someone saying “I’m gay” or even “I’m trans” on a promotional video about LBGT+ rights is cringe. Wtf is wrong with this entire site. Just a bunch of unoriginal jokes shaming the appearance of the random people in this video or those stupid “WELL WHAT IF I’M PROUD TO BE STRAIGHT” comments that anyone with two brain cells would be able to answer before inflicting them on the rest of us. You don’t need straight pride because no one trying to make you feel ashamed of being straight? No, kids on tumblr saying “down with cis” doesn’t count.

    • let’s get right into the noose

      0:56 ayy lmao

    • Pyro

      0:23 jesus fuck… I get that goths love The Nightmare Before Christmas for whatever fucking reason but that… thing took the Jack Skeleton look too far

    • Unity NeXus

      So, we should have a problem not only with them being happy with who they are, but also because they’re trying to spread a message of positivity for others who are possibly going through the same trouble; trying to understand and be proud of their identity?

      What’s the issue again?

    • custard ganet

      So much oppress.

    • A bearded being from beyond ti


      “I identify as a gender.”

      What gender?


    • Sylvia

      got a feeling there’d be some really angry and triggered people if someone contributed to this this with proud to be ‘cisgendered straight person’

      • PajamaBoi

        How could a cis hetero scum be proud of anything? They’re destroying the world with all their straightness and gender normal privilege.