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  • Santhosh Pandit is an interview and decides it’d be a good idea to both make a song for a movie he’s producing and sing it to the public.

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    • Pyro

      he should probably take off his dad’s suit, although thats not going to help him get taken seriously after… whatever this was

    • Small One

      Even the audience is cowering in cringe

    • India has brought us very talented artists. First D4nny and now this guy.

      • ZzXx

        Truly a place of very talented people.

    • Anjelloe

      He’s never mated before.

    • Inhale Manjohnson.


    • PajamaBoi

      I see India is struggling with autistic retards of their own

      • ricky

        India has a collective autism

    • Got ya beauty

      He looks like my cousin.

      • grinch wearing a mask

        Your cousin must be a very handsome man.