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  • An MTV channel worked in collaboration with The Key of Awesome to produce a rap video of the arguments given by SJWs. Thanks to user superthermite.

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    • jfc

      EDIT: Yeah I see they did address the colour-blind thing I pointed out. But still the end has a clear and good point that seems to be on the side of most reasonable people.

    • jfc

      This is a joke. They’re doing it on purpose. To be funny?
      A real SJW would NEVER say that not seeing colour makes you woke. That’s like racism 101.

      But people here are so obsessed with hating le evil SJWs that even parodies of them are cringe now I guess. Who needs thinking when you can just have knee-jerk reactions instead?

    • Zippy

      “50 Sensitive”. It must’ve taken a full 20 minutes to think that one up.

    • Donald J. Trump

      If she is involved it must be serious.

    • Pyro

      i honestly cant tell if they’re making fun of SJWs or are trying desperately to make them seem cool