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    • custard ganet

      Mental illness is a helluva drug.

    • Guesty westy

      Does this person live under a rock? How did the child even manage to get a phone without the parent accusing it of being ‘demonic technology’?

    • Thinnner

      Hells Bells! The demons are back for our kids! Gotta say though, the minions of hell are quite cute.

    • OnlyCaleb

      Today, I did whip its….or nitrous. bought a nitrous cracker, balloons and and the nitrous bottles…Did all 48 of the suckers…whip its are the best drug I’ve done and I’ve done cocaine….pure pleasure and ecstasy and a completely different headspace than anything I’m used to. Unfortunately it’s a fleeting high…only lasts about 30 seconds.

    • Boomhauer

      If she was researching the origins of Pokemon wouldn’t she just have found that the creator of Pokemon made a game that he thought mimicked his own childhood? The dude liked to catch bugs and explore when he was a kid and he turned it into a fantasy game. But ya sure demons too

    • Bob

      Little does she know there’s a Blastoise…RIGHT BEHIND HER!

      • Triple M

        You don’t want his big “cannon” to blast his liquids at you.