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  • A magician messes up midway through his act and tries to convince the judges it was all part of the illusion.

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    • BOOMbear214

      If the judges just kept their eyes on the hot girl on the right like they were supposed to, the trick would have worked perfectly.

    • Rico

      “Of course it was part of the illusion.”

      That was his only excuse for giving his assistant a a good ol’ freedom squeeze.

    • Fedora

      This is a pretty basic trick. Even if it worked it looks like shit.

      If I hold a TV up and it projects my head, if I then put the TV in front of me, can I get paid monies for magic? “My head is totally legit in the TV guiz gib me monies”

      Fuck this guy. I just wanna emphasize that.

    • Got ya beauty

      Oh my- If he even can’t do a simple trick correctly after had spent 25 years to practice few simple tricks, then i can forget all about becoming a magican.

    • David

      The true cringe is Piers Morgan

      • Gene

        really? I thought the true cringe was that this faggot has been doing magic for 25 fucking years