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    • custard ganet

      No upvotes? usually shit like this has 300 or so likes on youtube.

    • steve

      I feel like this is necessary to post.

      • yoloswag

        this explains a lot

    • Tom

      This is a reference to the freemans mind, an old youtube series where a guy dubbed his voiced over half life 1 gameplay acting as if he was gordon freeman, it was actually pretty entertaining.

      • Triple M

        I’ve seen it too, but this is pretty cringey without proper context.

    • Rico

      Is this someone’s .plan file from when Doom came out in 1993?

    • Got ya beauty

      The only good thing about this is the soldier.

    • Comrade Coyote

      Fucking idiot, there is a difference between a Rocket Propelled Grenade and a Rocket Launcher.