• Inhale Manjohnson.

    It’s not often where I’m more confused then cringed…

  • “Boom” get it?

    Is this for the new Sonic Boom?

  • Tom

    I thought these were zach bell OC’s at first.

  • PajamaBoi

    At least they aren’t blowing shit up…I hope…

  • Flamboyant Shota

    Why are they all named Muhammed tho? I thought Achmed and Abdul was a pretty common name in the arab world.

  • custard ganet

    Sonic BOOM!

    • Waluigi

      My dear Sonic if I knew you were coming, I would had pork chops and ham for dinner.

  • David Hasselhoff

    Why is Islam suddenly using Christianity’s trademarked desperate attempts to reach a younger audience?

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