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  • This whole channel is a goldmine.

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    • gggg

      all of their techniques are disgusting

    • Nick

      kids are actually pretty fuckin talented. if they keep this up they can have a promising career in music.

    • Titty Diarrhea

      Honestly, I rather enjoy these instrumentals and wouldn’t mind buying this song. I don’t even think anything about it is cringey except for it being about PokemoGo. Other than that, these kids actually have more musical talent than most people I know..

    • Hand of Death

      I have to admit the instrumentals were quite good.

    • Just a bunch of kids having fun playing music. Nothing cringey here. What’s more cringey is all the grown ass men and women spending so much time playing this stupid ass game.

      • Got ya beauty

        Well, i think mr. chicken can sometimes be confused to know what’s cringe and what isn’t cringe. But he’s just a human being.

    • Rico

      Jesus fucking Zeus! Open your mouth and spit out your jawbreaker before singing.

    • 924_carrera