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    • Zippy

      This had to be intentionally cringe. Because this was a special kind of bad.

    • NuckFiggers

      Thank god, please stick to youtube for your videos now, the other one you guys used is absolute shit.

    • Got ya beauty

      Please someone tell me this must be a joke or some guys who had lost in a bet.

    • idownvoteWKfaggots

      This was good, something I could see being posted back in 2013.

    • Triple M

      I thought some of the awkwardness in the beginning was funny, but then the music started playing.

    • Gene

      can anyone honestly make it through all 8 and a half minutes of this?

      • Triple M

        I did… it’s not worth it.

    • Cock

      P H Y S I C A L P A I N