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    • picket

      i only like the red ones anyway.

    • Got ya beauty

      You had me at´the jellybeans until it mention genderbullshit.

    • annakana32

      Most of them are artificially colored.

    • Love Me Some Grapes

      THERE’S 276 GENDERS NOW?! Fuck that shit.

      • Chapi

        * There’s 276 things that retarded people thinks are genders.

    • Bob

      Well, you see, not everyone likes jellybeans that taste like dick. So no. I am not jealous.

      • bong

        yo suck dick?

    • Comrade Coyote

      “You should accept people for how they were born or what they identify as!”

      *5 minutes later

      “You shouldn’t be Cis!”

    • chan ngo

      So I should also kill people in more ways than one?