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    • g major

      that is a “problem” face if i ever saw one

    • SnuSnu

      internet irony has been going on for…how long now? and people still don’t catch on?

    • Chapi

      Yeah it’s not like “gamers” would not do it to everyone, right ?

    • PajamaBoi

      fucking female gamers…

    • Comrade Coyote

      If you’re taking the threats from a 12 year old seriously, maybe you should just mute the mic.

    • Chris

      I still can’t believe people take internet threats seriously. Why the fuck do people give online interactions the same weight as in life or in person interactions?

    • Thinnner

      911 Dispatcher: “What’s your emergency?”
      Attention whore: “Quick! I’m a gamergirl and some guy on Xbox said he’d kill me!”
      911 Dispatcher: “…..”