• annakana32

    “Did I forget to mention that she’s blind, deaf, mute, and physically incapable of running away?”

    • Rico

      She wasn’t before he met her.

      • annakana32

        Chris-Chan doesn’t know many things, but he does know how to use a baseball bat incorrectly.

  • Comrade Coyote

    And now, you will never have it again.

  • Chapi

    I have been in a good mood a lot lately, because I finally used my ding digly dong, so I’ll divulge a couple of shit. I mean, seriously, the first thing that comes to mind is Rainbow Dash, and I am smiling for hours. She was very nice and sweet early 20s pony; and even better, she’s half unicorn. We’ve hit if off from the fact that I’m a brony and she’s a fucking pony. We exchanged numbers and we did it in her castle. I put aside a nice figurine of Rainbow Dash for her to show my apprecation. I swear to Celestia I’ll fuck her one day.

    Oh, I forgot to mention, I lasted for about 20 seconds it was so small and crappy that it put the last dude she was to goddess : her words.

    Please kill me.

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