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    • Gene


    • Rico

      Who is Amy Schumer and why does it matter? CP30 is gay and R2D2 is not very articulate.

      It’s not like Lucasfilm aren’t famous for whoring out Star Wars, anyway.

    • PajamaBoi

      holy shit she’s so edgy

    • Chapi

      “Overwatch get its first porn parody.” is the real cringe here.

      • Comrade Coyote

        lol! Yeah, real cringe there! Let me just delete this unrelated file.

    • Chris

      Ah Jesus! Put a warning before you post any sort of photo where Amy Schumer is exposed.

    • amy

      I’m happy Amy is not my real name or I’d be pretty embarrassed

    • Comrade Coyote

      I didn’t know Lucasfilms gave a flying fuck.