• SnuSnu

    Browsing this website is sort of like taking bong hits at this point. But instead of bong hits, it’s clicking another link. Each time I do it my face puckers further into my skull.

    • Comrade Coyote

      Welcome, you will meet some of your best internet bud buds down here.

      • SnuSnu

        Well, thank you. I didn’t expect to be welcomed, as this community is presumably built around negative feelings.

      • Comrade Coyote

        The cringes are negative, the comments can be golden.

  • custard ganet

    Bacolod city? sounds like a place out of Pokemon.

  • Bob

    I’m considering drinking bleach.

    • Rico

      I’m already on my third pitcher.

  • Comrade Coyote

    I didn’t know Ash made a cameo in Hellsing.

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