• W-A-T-S!

    I wish I could be beautiful enough to steal one of the only mobility devices in the store. Don’t worry, you need it more than they do. Beauty

  • chan ngo

    Go ahead, kids. Give up. Everyone’s a winner! 🙂

  • Got ya beauty

    I really fucking wanna know who is her’s fucking family/friends, and why they don’t want to help her?
    But one thing is for sure, she got a jackass/some jackass friends.

  • stop playing videogames

    still has higher SMV than 99% of gymcels

  • annakana32

    I agree, pigs do have a certain charm to them don’t they?

    • amy

      It’s so unfair that people compare these grotesque creatures to animals like pigs and whales because they are cute, beautiful animals and the fat persons are just ugly, out of shape humans

  • Comrade Coyote

    The Diet Coke just ties this all together so well.

  • amy

    I would really like to talk to one of those body posi fat hoes and when she says that you can’t tell how healthy someone is just by their size I am going to show her a picture how a severely anorexic person and ask her if she think this person is healthy and if not how can she tell she is unhealthy?

    And also if you say everyone is beautiful in their own way this word loses all its meaning because if nothing is ugly nothing can be beautiful either

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