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    • SnuSnu

      Trying too hard.

    • PajamaBoi

      wtf is “dab”? a fad that’s already on its way out so it’s being used by advertisers to appeal to youths?

      • Comrade Coyote

        I believe Cam Newton made it big. And now a lot of people are doing it.

    • annakana32

      What’s next? “Jump Up for Down Syndrome”?

    • Got ya beauty

      Why does internet has to be 89% pure shit?

      • chan ngo

        Maybe its just us who are wrong…

        • Got ya beauty

          How are we wrong?

    • Xavier L.

      I remember when these guys wanted me to dab so I would ‘cleanse myself’ of liking a certain gaming console. As if it would sanctify my spirit or something.

      “Dabbing: The Millennial Equivalent of Baptism.”

      Also, when the hell did this start? I don’t remember this being a trend not too long ago–still cringy as hell.

      • Comrade Coyote

        I believe Cam Newton started making it a fad.

    • amy

      How about donating a bit of money to institutions that treat people with dyslexia? Or you could try to find some volunteers that would be willing to give reading classes or something like that?
      What? Oh you prefer to do this ridiculous move?
      Well okay it’s the intention that counts I guess…

    • Comrade Coyote


      • annakana32

        I know a better word for it: