• Comrade Coyote

    Yeah, the cosplay community can be toxic. Its “awesome” when a black person cosplays a white character. But watch out if its vice versa.

    • amy

      Yes and it’s not only bad because of SJWs, there are so many super arrogant cosplayers :/ And don’t forget the super weebs
      But there are a lot of black people that say it’s okay to cosplay black characters as long as you don’t blackface

  • Got ya beauty

    Why are fat jerks always getting jealous about skinny people?

  • amy

    Oh my god this is so funny because basically this same situation happened to me!
    I had a friend that used to be cool but turned so PC and once we were talking about Steven universe (I don’t watch it because I’m lazy but I tend to sometimes cosplay characters I don’t even know just for the outfit) and I say I would like to cosplay the fat chick with pink hair and she told me that I couldn’t, that I should rather cosplay the skinny bitch because it is offensive to cosplay a fat character if you’re thin.
    She was thin too though.
    It’s just so weird to me how Bodi Positive Guys are always like: “Fat is beautiful” “Yaaass girl slay with your curves” “Cellulitis is natural and gorgeous!”
    but still complain about thin people and how they have privilege? if fat (and I mean obese, chubby girls are sometimes really hot) was really so great, people having skinny bodies wouldn’t bother them

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