Fursday Furries

  • 1. Pound them paws

    Escaping reality with their fursona.

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    This is a collection of one of our classic building blocks of cringe: Furries.

    I have had the chance to meet actual furries in my lifetime and they all have similarities with each other. First those being very lonely people. Usually they didn’t receive a lot of attention in high school and don’t have a lot of friends making them very socially awkward. Being behind a fursuit seems to be a barrier to escape the person who society has abandoned. Next is they are not hygienically cleanly. Most are very greasy and people who don’t take care of their own body. Another observation is a significant portion of the furry community come out liking sex in the suits. Wanting to pursue relation in the fursuit or masturbate to furry fan art of anthropomorphic animals is odd. The furry fandom itself is a strange bunch, but in the end it’s what makes cringe stronger as a community as they are themselves. Hopefully you enjoy this collection as much as I enjoyed writing this analysis from Dr. Admin 2.