The Cringe Channel

VIDEO – Awkward spelling bee champ

VIDEO – Hoarder lies about having a sister; busted.

VIDEO – Annoying cosplay friends

VIDEO – Pickup artist demonstrates his obnoxious tactics

VIDEO – Girl tries impressions

VIDEO – Prom proposal

VIDEO – Quentin Tarantino tries to act black on Black Entertainment Television

VIDEO – Psychic gets busted on national television

VIDEO – Guy sends video message on OkCupid

VIDEO – Fighter tries to get everyone to complete his catchphrase; no one knows what it is

VIDEO – Man barks like dog on news

VIDEO – Unsuccessful violent flirtation attempt

VIDEO – Creepy man tries to lick random woman’s boots

VIDEO – Juggalo prank fail

VIDEO – Man thinks he’s a ninja at the gym

VIDEO – Republican campaign advertisement

VIDEO – Attempted high five between two professional Starcraft players

VIDEO – Man still thinks it’s the cold war and that he is an American hero