The Cringe Channel

VIDEO – Rolling in the deep cover

VIDEO – Lame Back To School Commercial

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VIDEO – Homestuck Harlem Shake

VIDEO – Honey Boo Boo’s Music Video

VIDEO – A Poetic Song About Fairies and Love

VIDEO – The Sloth Meme Raps

VIDEO – Guy gets caught lip-syncing by falling off a stage

VIDEO – Eminem’s Song Gets Butchered with Sugar Baby Version

VIDEO – The Terribly Awkward Konami E3 Conference

VIDEO – Two White Boys Make Cheezy Rap Video

VIDEO – Indian Actor Sings His Song for a New Movie

VIDEO – F*ck the Patriarchy Rap

VIDEO – Duo Sings A Hip Song about Social Media

VIDEO – Three Girls Make Music Video About Their Body Hair

PICTURE – Snape it Off

VIDEO – They’re Taking the Hobbits to Isengard: The Sequel

VIDEO – Call me maybe