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    If you had to pick one, who would you pick and why

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    I would pick Trump, because he isn’t as bad as people say he is. People say he’s racist, and use him wanting to deport illegal immigrants out as an example; keyword “illegal.” He also gets compared to Hitler because he want muslims to wear identification and be put into a database. Now, I don’t agree with that, but that’s no reason to call him Hitler. He has pretty good views on the economy, whilst bernie thinks that taxing the rich more, and cutting virtually all military funds will solve our problems. Bernie has also used Cuba as an example of “good healthcare,” so I don’t think he’s very reliable for political views. All of that being said, I’m more of a Rand Paul guy, to be honest.

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    Please, Mr. Stalin, give me more of Daddy's commies.

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    He needs to get those walls up quicker than Hitlery Clinton can delete her emails.

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